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Funko POP: Moon Knight (Disney+)

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

#Funko #POP time! Yep, another one. Something that I preordered a while ago! Or should I say: a few moons ago, eh? Well, let's go. Let's get to the review!

At first, I was really hyped for the Disney+ TV series. I watched all of it, enjoyed it, digested it some more, and then I realized something.... I don't think I liked it as much as I initially did. It was honestly underwhelming and it really should have downplayed the mystical side of things and leaned on the "Batman-esque" feel of the character. It should really have left the audience wondering what is real and what is truly all in Mark Specter's head. Unfortunately, that's not the route they took, and here we are. To this day, however, I do like how Moon Knight looks despite my qualms with the direction the show took.

Mr. Knight and Konshu are interesting. Though I might just stop right there, to be honest. None of the other characters seems to have enough pull.

The aesthetics of Moon Knight leans on his Egyptian roots--the whole mummy look and all that while deviating away from the tights and Batman copycat idea. There are PLENTY of details, line work, and sculpting going on with this little guy and that is something I can truly appreciate. Could have easily gone with a paint job, but there are lines everywhere! The pose is very dynamic! Action posed and I love the transparent stand that allows Moon Knight to stay 'in the air'. Kicking action is definitely something Moon Knight has done plenty in the series, albeit, not enough Moon Knight as there should have been. But one has to love the attention, the painstaking line work given by this guy! Definitely enjoyed his design for the most part and I love how it translated to the POP version!

The paint job and coloring are amazing for this guy! Moon Knight's entire wardrobe mostly consists of white so there isn't a whole lot to say in regards to color variations but for the show, they really leaned on the idea of making him look like a mummy (to pay homage to his Egyptian roots) so there are plenty of white variations, some shading, and then there is some gold sprinkled in between all the layers/wraps around his body. All of this is well implemented on the POP, truly giving the figurine some depth.

I do love the white eyes. Also, just from a close-up, one can see more of the sculpt work! Awesome details for such a small figure!

Here is POP Disney+ Moon Knight next to POP Wanda Maximoff Halloween. The only two Disney+ POPs I own.

Got a good design. Good pose. Fantastic effort. An overall enjoyable character with a divisive idea in a TV Series. Regardless of how Moon Knight is presented on the small screen, this POP has plenty of wins so I can definitely recommend it. The show is a separate bag to talk about so let's stick with the POP and you'll more likely have some fun!

Until Next Time!

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