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Funko POP: Wanda Maximoff (Halloween)

Let's go! Another review for the #POP line! It's no surprise I got me a Wanda (Scarlet Witch) POP--she's kind of a trend lately. At any rate, let's get into it, shall we?

I liked the WandaVision show. It had a flare to it that no other #MCU property really had at the time. So it was refreshing and definitely a dive into Wanda's mind and where we would be going. Definitely expected all this merchandise and then some! When I saw that Elizabeth Olsen was going to be sporting a 'parody' of Wanda's original comic book costume, I was ecstatic. I loved how they handled Cap's comic book costume in the First Avenger and so after watching the episode said costume was in on WandaVision, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it was done--the looks, the theme, and the nature as to why she was wearing it all makes sense. Even if it was sort of mocking the idea of the costume.

I most likely will not be getting any more from this series but hey, you never know if one pops up on sale and I just happen to be around.

One of Scarlet Witch's most prominent 'accessory is that "M" headband. Then of course that pink and red outfit that in the days of old, made sense as a costume. Nowadays it's not, but hey, WandaVision brought it to us a means of a parody! In her POP form, it actually looks good. The prominent headband definitely sticks out and the rest of her outfit is just so accurate to costume is just amazing for a long time and former comic book fan such as myself. And, of course, she is holding a trick-or-treat candy bucket. This episode was, of course, based around Halloween.

The colors really sells the whole thing. The glossy cape, boots, and headband works so well with the matted pink leggings and one piece. Even the hair with its more 'light orange' hair really puts it all together--and even that halloween candy bucket. Though I will point out that the skin has some bleeding that can be seen between the hair and her face. Not too bad if one doesn't zoom in but it's definitely there.

All in all, it's not a bad POP. I wanted this for many reasons. If one can find a good piece without the bleeding, I can almost attest that it's a perfect POP for what it is supposed to be. Not too extreme, not too simple, it is a POP to represent Wanda while wearing a comic accurate-though parody version of her costume.

Until Next Time!

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