Funko POP (NEWS): MORE Frozen 2

How am I not surprised that we are getting more #POP Elsa? And how am I not surprised that Elsa and the Nokk are the ones that we are going to be getting? I would have been more surprised if we didn't get any more Frozen 2 POPs, honestly. #Funko did not fail me and I'm all the happy! I got all the images of these POPs from the link above (the picture) but the news came to me from FM Funko News. It's an understatement that the guy is a great factor to me finding out about some of the upcoming releases. Check out his Youtube for some awesome stuff!

Queen Anna was an obvious one for me. Again, while I adore Anna a lot more, I don't think I'll be getting this one. It's a pass. But I'm sure this is a must for a lot of collectors out there!

Yeah, this was expected! Bruni is a merchandise seller, that much is obvious. I'm pretty sure he'll be a pass for my collection.. though I get the feeling I'll be buying him for someone.

Long-haired Elsa is not my favorite look for Elsa--don't get me wrong, I still think she is gorgeous in it, but her signature braid is just that special. But I'm not going to pass on this one! She is going to be a must, that much is obvious. Now I'm not sure if these are the only ones coming out but I know for a fact that the Elsa POPs are going to make it to my collection.

Will be waiting for the release date for these things!

Until Next Time!

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