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Funko POP: Nezuko Kamado in Web (Deluxe)

The last remainder from the 2023 year... like it was long ago, right? This POP was definitely bought towards the last few weeks of December--found during one of my many, many online holiday shopping. Thought it had a theme that fits my mood so just had to get it. DiD it live up to the expectation? Let's find out.

As I stated before, I know nothing about Demon Slayer. I find some of the character designs an animation to be worthy of my attention so every once in a while I get a merch or two (2022 was filled with that kind of mindset). This time, it's pure curiosity and love for the 'theme' that got me to pull the trigger.

Nezuko in the Web is a deluxe POP. Which at times, confuses me with movie moments. This is also a Box Lunch exclusive so all in all, it has a lot of things going for it. As far as the pose goes, it's a moment from the anime. Looking at the original source, it seems that this is really a toned down version and judging from the pictures online, I don't disagree as to why Funko chose to go this route. After all, had they gone for accuracy, this piece may not have been approved. Regardless, speaking of pose, it's an anime girl strung up in magical ooze and webbing. Nezuka also wears a harness that prevents her from going demonic(?) so this POP is going for the look all in all. Nezuko's design has its intricacies and as usual, POP does well to replicate as much of her clothing through their stylized form. As far as props like the web, the ooze, and everything else, that's where I'm a bit torn, though maybe I'm judging a bit too harshly.

The little veins on her face, the tangled clothing, it's nicely done.

The trees and the webbing have a slight awkward plastic look to them that slightly takes me out of the fantastic work they did with everything else. Maybe it looks a bit too preschool toys? The plastic for the trees are dull and the webbing just looks to plain. Though it's not too bad considering.

The colors are vibrant and very catchy. I especially love the color work done on the goo that is also holding Nezuko captive. It's got a shading that gives the goo dimension. The rest of her bindings aren't really convincing, but they do well enough to keep the illusion of distress so I'm all for it. The color is, however, a bit too plastic-y, but it's nice. The grass and trees aren't anything too impressive but they do a well enough job. Nezuko's clothing have enough color variety thanks to her design and the sculpting had done plenty to seal the deal. Plastic choices are well done and appreciated so all in all, my complaints about the dullness of some of the POP's background and accessories won't weigh in too heavy.

The POP looks really good with certain angles and somewhat less impressive with certain areas.

Her large bit gag, while part of her outfit and lore, really does add to the peril/distress. Also, this is a good angle.

The two properties are not related, but this POP: Batman & Catwoman Moment, definitely is in the same vein of theme. Both really do an adequate job mimicking the source material.

Here is Nezuko's moment with Demon Slayer Episode 19. Again, much harsher than how the POP could convey. Not exactly in my top realm of distressing moments, for sure. But I do see the allure. As crazy as that sounds.

It's a fun little POP with a gimmick that caught my attention. While not completely accurate to the source material (at least the anime version--not sure what the manga version looks like), it serves its purpose to convey what was happening. There are some opportunities with some of the props like the webbing/restraint and the trees. Hollow and preschool looking. But other than that, the POP is definitely done in the same caliber as most POPs. I highly recommend for the fans of the show or just like what Funko DiD here. I, for one, am glad I have it!

Until Next Time!

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