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Funko POP: Penny Gadget

Updated: May 6, 2023

Well, here's for nostalgia and other things that the Inspector Gadget show brought upon me; I'll touch up on it briefly in a few but for now, let's get into the review for this #POP, shall we?

I completely forgot that there was a POP for Penny Gadget, but the moment I saw her, I grabbed her. It was a seal, packed, and delivered. So to talk briefly about my history with Penny and the Inspector Gadget show, well, it's simple. There are plenty of DiD moments and that was the gateway for things. To avoid anything getting misconstrued, I'll leave it there. Also, Penny was adorable in her own right; probably the competent one along with Brain. Gadget would not have gotten things done without this young girl, that's for sure!

I don't think I will get any of the Inspector Gadget from this series. I might, depends. Though I would find it intriguing if Funko was the one to reveal what the original Dr. Claw's face was!

Honestly, there is nothing "grand" about this POP. Penny, is, after all a 10 year old girl with higher than normal intelligence and resourcefulness. She's also keen on getting into some distress, so... there's that. #Funko DiD fantastic things to replicate her 1983 outfit. She got her watch, her crossbody bag that contains her computer book, and then with a stance that confuses me. Not sure what she is doing. But, oh well, it's good enough.

There's not a lot to her, honestly. But accuracy is definitely key to this POP and I'm glad Funko nailed that.

Paint job and plastic choice is spot on so I can't complain. You look at her and it's Penny Gadget in POP form. What more to ask?

I know it doesn't seem like I talk very highly of POP Penny Gadget. Honestly, as that, she doesn't have much to offer. She's not going to blow any lists away, but what she is, she's good enough. She's got the right details and she looks like the character so I think it's a win. Also, she's a big part of my childhood. I highly recommend her because it's the most tangible and sensible merchandise of Penny that's around in my opinion!

Until Next Time!

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