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Funko POP: Pink Ranger (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The next addition to the MMPR 30th Anniversary #POP! We're gonna continue on with the set and this time around, let's round it up with Kimberly Hart, the original MMPR Pink Ranger! Let's get to the review, shall we?

When I say original, I am not counting the Japanese Sentai series. That's just an asinine statement for someone who is aware of the Japanese series of Sentai that's been going on since the 1980s and possibly before. But, we know the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are the original for the US. So I was going off of that. Crazy to hear, right?

Look, no wrinkles!

The set is pretty much with me now. Just a matter of doing the reviews. Pretty excited!

Kimberly Hart was a crush for many boys way back when. She was this valley girly girl who also knew how to throw a good punch or two to beat the living crud out of Rita's putties. A gymnast and an absolute girl-next-door-sweetheart, yeah Kimberly's got the boys' numbers. When she morphs, she's the only other MMPR Ranger who wears a skirt (again, considering she was the only girl originally as I noted on my POP Yellow Ranger review). Her outfit really had a distinct look compared to the other Rangers because of said skirt. #Funko really captured the look with the sculpting of her design. I love the helmet, and as they have done with the others, the details are present and amazing. Her pose is also well done. Her weapons are in full display, with all the tiny details as presentable as can be. All in all, the POP style really meshes with the Pink Ranger too! I am pleased!

The weapons are on full display for sure with the sculpt details

The paint job and choice of plastic aren't something to complain about. Definitely a strong point. The vibrant pink, the matted white, and the sharper fine details. Now the colors aren't perfect with every line but it isn't too bad at all. I definitely don't have much complaint at all.

Here is POP: Pink Ranger 30th Anniversary next to POP: Pink Ranger. Very similar but the newer one is definitely an upgrade. The color of the Pteradactyl's eyes is green instead of black. The non-accurate animal logo from the older version is now taken out for the new POP. Obviously, the new POP is taller and the addition of the Power Bow definitely gives her that update feel.

Here she is next to POP: Green Ranger 30th Anniversary. The Power couple! Kim and Tommy, not Kat and Tommy, mind you.

There's not much to say other than I recommend her. I love the update in every sense of the way! Bigger, brighter, and more action-posed... this upgrade is definitely a good replacement for the older POP. That and she completes the set. So there's that!

Until Next Time!

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