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Funko POP: Green Ranger (MMPR 30th Anniversary)

Yes, that's right! #MMPR #POP in my gallery! Right on time for the 30th anniversary of the original and most popular group of Western Sentai copy & paste characters, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! This time, we are starting out with perhaps the most popular 6th Ranger, Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger himself. So with that intro, let's get into it, shall we?

The Power Rangers have gotten plenty of POPs in the past. Admittedly, I haven't really tried to go for a full set. Spoiler alert, I have every attention to get all of them since, you know, it's about time, right? The box is also neat.

This is the first time I have seen a logo/icon on the 'tongue' of the box. This time around, it's the head/helmet of the Green Ranger. Also, I need to learn how to open a box more gracefully, right?

Even in the box, I really enjoyed the POP's design already. With that said, let's open him up already!

The Green Ranger definitely stepped in and showed up everyone in many ways: aesthetically, skills, zord-wise, personality, and a handful of other reasons--just talking about the MMPR, mind you, not the original Sentai version. So with all that flare, the Green Ranger has to make a name for itself as a POP, and to be completely honest, there is a lot to love and appreciate with this one. I love the pose. It's not complex but it does represent the 6th Ranger quite well as his iconic flute dagger is his means to summon the Dragonzord. The sculpting is also nice, mimicking his 'armor' in all the little details that Funko can. The gigantic helmet is also quite nice with all the rivets and indents present to give it an accurate POP stylized version of Tommy Oliver! I absolutely adore the work done on him!

They even got the 'teeth' around the visor!

The details on his armor too!

Now the colors are just spot on. I love the plastic choices that give the green a vibrant and accurate look to them. The white and silver definitely add a good contrast, which is also a welcomed aspect of this POP. And, of course, the gold areas like his chest plate and the bands are done quite well.

The Dragonzord Dagger really has some nice details as well. Although some of the painting is off, it still does a fine job getting most of the design. The placing of his hands are also well done.

Here is Green Ranger's 30th anniversary next to his keychain counterpart. No, I didn't do a review for the mini POP keychain. I have a couple of them and I should, but no, keychains don't get the love.

And here is POP Green Ranger 30th anniversary next to POP White Ranger. While the White Ranger doesn't look terrible, he looks tiny compared to the Green Ranger. I really do want them to remake White Ranger someday.

He's a must. The entire set is a must. And trust me, this set is well on its way and it's definitely got more significance that I will talk about. But for any Power Ranger collectors, definitely a must.

Until Next Time!

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