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Funko POP: Queen of Hearts

Another #POP comes to town and this time it's a deluxe! The Queen of Hearts, no less, from Disney's Alice in Wonderland! No fluff needed! Let's just jump into the review, shall we?

Yes, this is a deluxe edition and yes this isn't a standard POP. But beyond that simple fact, this POP is also special because it represents one of Disneyland's (and Disneyworld, perhaps?) staple ride: The Mad Tea Party--A ride that I am more than familiar with for several reasons. Definitely remember the headaches for sure! But, yes, this is the special thing with this Deluxe POP.

The box is definitely makes it feel deluxe and grand. The Disney World 50th anniversary merchandise does go all out. The silhouette of Cinderella's castle with the "50" sign--glossy and prominent for sure!

The Queen of Heart's design is obnoxious and comical that fits the vibe of Alice in Wonderland. She actually has the proper aesthetics to match the POP style. I love the way the facial expression is done, the sculpt of her big red/black dress, and her hair. She's also holding her signature heart scepter, something that she should be holding. The POP alone if it were a common would be more than adequate but being a deluxe, Queen of Hearts comes with a teacup. Something that truly pays homage to the ride it is trying to replicate. Color schemes plays quite well with the Queen of Hearts too.

That collar too!

Love the designs and details on the cup. Adds more flare to an already outlandish figurine.

Funko does a fine job really pulling off the Queen's colors. She has my favorite color combo (red & black) and they manage to juxtapose it with a bright pink cup. Maybe next time I'm in the park, I'll pick this particular one. All in all, it's a smooth and clean execution for the Queen of Heart's colors and paint.

My final verdict? Not a must but it's definitely well done and the Queen of Hearts came with a very affordable price. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disney World, this POP is another homage to the milestone. I definitely do enjoy it and she fits right in just fine. Perhaps I'm in need of more Disney Villains, eh?

Until Next Time!

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