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Funko POP: Sailor Saturn (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

POP Sailor Saturn joins the fray of the Outer Senshi invasion! Sailor Saturn is probably high on the list as my favorite Senshi. Shame she never got a good spotlight on the season she first appeared... which happens to be my favorite Season too: Sailor Moon S. But enough of that! Let's check her out!

One thing, Sailor Saturn is kind of a dark Senshi. Again, her story arc was completely different from R and the original Sailor Moon. It would have been nice if they gave her a darker themed box compared to the other Outer Senshis. Oh well.

I've already pointed out that I have Sailor Neptune. As for the other Senshis, let's just say Chibi Moon is the one I'm not getting for sure.

Having one of my favorite Senshis in POP form is a blessing. The catch is that I don't really think that pose fits her as much as her other iconic official images do. The one on the left would have been more adequate. Also, I would have wanted her costume to be darker in color.

Her glaive was always one of my favorite parts about her. While it was odd seeing two Outer Senshis with staff-like weapons, it was a nice change from the Inner Senshis.

As dull as POP's hair details are, I think this actually fits Hotaru quite well. And that dark maroon ribbon on her back is so fitting! I just love Sailor Saturn's color scheme.

Again, if only her posture was different, then this would be a near infallible Sailor Saturn POP. Regardless, still love it and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to complete their Sailor Moon POP line ups.

And here she is next to Neptune and Super Sailor Moon. I can't help but admit that they look awesome together. Well, that's it for now!

Until Next Time!

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