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Funko POP: Shang-Chi

Got more POPs to review! Yes, another one that my friend supplied me from her Marvel Collector Corps collection. Y'all know the drill. Let's just get right into the review, shall we?

I liked Shang-Chi. I didn't expect to have as much fun with the movie as I did. Unfortunately, Shang-Chi fell on Phase 4 where the MCU lost some of its direction causing the MCU to falter. With all that said, I do like what this movie brought and I'm always down for some mystical martial arts action. Not much else to add other than, yes, Shang-Chi was one of those Phase IV movies that I gave a shot at more than once. Still better than Captain Marvel and the Marvels, that's for sure.

Shang-Chi's mother's POP is probably the one I'd like to grab from this set. Other than that, the rest are easy passes.

Kung Fu bobblehead!

Not a lot of complexity in Shang's outfit. The exclusivity of this POP is the pose and the Ten Rings on his forearms. Other than that, if one isn't too familiar with the lineups, this one might seem like a common. For an exclusive, I do believe more 'flare' should have been added since some of the commons I'm seeing have a bit more to offer. However, as a POP standing on its merit, there is a lot to like. Shang-Chi's outfit has all these threads that give it depth beyond a normal long-sleeved shirt. It's got some black logo or design of some sort which is neatly sculpted into the textured shirt. The pants and the Vessi shoes are done quite well. The pose is pretty simple and I don't feel does enough to give those Ten Rings the proper showcasing. Like I mentioned earlier, the other commons look better from promotional art.

The design on his shirt is pretty cool. You don't get the best look at it when watching the movie.

The colors are good. Most of that went into his outfit and it's simple but very clean. I keep talking about the design on his shirt but it really does look sharp. The Ten Rings could get a bit more color here and there, but considering the pose doesn't do it justice, I'd say I'm not too bummed about how it came out with the colors. All in all, not bad.

This isn't really something that knocked me off my seat. Out of all the POPs I had received as a gift, I'd say this one had the least strong impression thus far. I will say though, that I am interested in the commons now. Whether or not I pull the trigger o not remains to be seen. This will be a good enough Shang-Chi POP for now.

Until Next Time!

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