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Funko POP: She-Hulk (Xmas 2023)

The Holiday Season is coming! And you know what that means! It's time for some #Funko Festivity! Kicking it off with this new Holiday lineup from Marvel. Let's get into the review of Holiday She-Hulk, shall we?

I'm not one to finish a set unless it really intrigues me. Truth be told, the characters in this set are mostly my favorites, but I wouldn't say I was aiming to complete the set. But let's get into gamma goddess, shall we?

I would've chosen another Marvel heroine for a Christmas representation, but She-Hulk got a new Disney+ series so I guess it's fitting.

Alright! She-Hulk going into the season wearing an elf ears Santa hat! It's actually quite hilarious, to be honest, but it's definitely festive! She's also holding a gift-wrapped box and it adds more to the POP. The pose isn't something that's going to say is the most dynamic pose but it fits. There's not much detail to She-Hulk's outfit but what she has it's all present here for her Funko-stylized version. And while there isn't a lot going on with this POP, the present and the hat really sell the Holiday Spirit. Also, she has a supporting stand that definitely allows She-Hulk to stand tall.

I do adore the pointy hat though. And even if the hair is quite blocky, I love the stands that are present.

You can see more sculpting details with the hair and hat from this angle. There's definitely effort.

The colors are vibrant and accurate. In my piece, I didn't see any quality issues that would warrant a call-out. At one glance, one can tell it's She-Hulk with some festive accessories. I definitely can say that the paint and colors really are a strength.

As the Holidays start rolling in, I will continue to have POPs reviewed. She-Hulk is from the 2023 Marvel set and while I can't say that she's a must, I can definitely say that as part of the set, she's not too bad. She doesn't have as much going on but as a Holiday decor, I'd say she does the job just fine. I can recommend it!

Until Next Time!

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