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Funko POP: Shoto Todoroki (MHA)

Here we go! POP 2024 pouring in! Admittedly, these are presents coming in from Christmas 2023. So the next few POPs coming in are from the Holiday festivities. With that said, this is the first time I get the chance to talk about My Hero Academia, right? Well, Mt. Lady has made an appearance, but not a place to talk about. Anyways, let's talk about this POP!

Right off the get-go, this isn't my POP. But I am familiar with this character enough and he has remained in the top five of my favorites. There are characters I want to have in POP form! There will be more MHA POPs coming for sure.

Todoroki is a pretty good character. Plain in design, until he powers up. I love the fire and ice element--right is his ice, left is his fire. He has a cool mix for his hair, he has a very calm and capable personality, and he's already pretty good with using his powers--or quirks. I also like his backstory and the fact that he's got some of the best interactions and he's not as annoying as the main guy, I'll definitely keep considering him as one of my favorites.

Shoto's design in terms of his outfit isn't very outrageous. But where he lacks in that department, his quirks allow him to stand out, and in POP form, there's more to admire considering that Funko has to play into the juxtaposing elements. The pose on its own is nothing grand but it does make sense since Shoto is always seen using his ice powers as a traversal means. His fireside is ablaze and it shows his readiness to attack--though, at the current season, he isn't able to produce both sides so this is a spoiler, or maybe just the product of Funko wanting to display both elements? Who knows. All I know is that it looks good. The sculpting details are all present and the transparent elements are all well done. One can easily tell that one is fire and the other is ice. I'm thoroughly impressed!

The profile shots are, of course, very different from each other and it's an awesome sight.

The coloring is also spot-on. I like his color scheme especially when he activates his quirk. The choice of plastic for his elements does really well and overall, the execution is something I admire. No complaints here.

Great character, fantastic sculpting, awesome coloring, it's an overall amazing POP. For any fan of the character or the show, I'm sure this POP isn't a bad catch at all. I'm not sure what the other Shoto Todoroki POPs offer, but if this was the only one, I'd say this is not a bad choice.

Until Next Time!

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