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Funko POP: Silk

Jumping into the Spiderverse saga for another POP! This time it's Cindy Moon, better known as Silk in the crime-fighting world! There are some things to admire with this POP so without further adieu, let's get into the review, shall we?

This is a 2022 Summer Convention POP. I do remember making the toy news rounds last year and I was slightly interested. I initially passed because when it comes to Spider-Women, you know where I lean on. But I recently came across her in person so I had a change of mind. That and someone special bought Silk for me so I really can't complain, can I?

I do like that artwork collection used for the backdrop of the box.

She's also a bobble head!

In her short run, Silk had gained three costumes. This 'webbing outfit' was her initial outfit and honestly, it's something that I adore despite it being a bit... tacky. But I do like it for the unorganized look and the fact that she looks like she's wrapped up in her webbing. Also, the contrast of her skin popping out does give it a bit more sexiness. As far as translation to a POP, some is detailing involved and for that, I appreciate this outfit more. The outfit looks like 'mummy wraps' and the webbing lines all across Cindy's body are well done, definitely appreciate the effort placed. The posture they gave her is fitting. A web-slinging about like a Spider-Person does! Got some dynamic flow of her hair and a lot of movement to show her athleticism.

I also appreciate that transparent stand that allows her to pose as dynamically as possible.

The coloring is pretty simple but it all depended on a few things like a clean paint job and a good color decision. Honestly, it all depended on the webbing all over her body and that part was done well. It's a good contrast against her skin, which, all in all, she looks good all around. Can't complain!

All those details and clean painting puts this POP all together!

The Spider-Women crossover wasn't that great and Jess wasn't even in her main outfit, but this is a good reunion. Original outfits for all three.

I'm going to aim to gather as many Spiderverse people--at least reasonably gather them up anyway. Some I will have to pass but for significant characters like Silk, and the like, I'm going to have to go for her. But for the sake of a good POP, well detailed, colored, and posed with some thought, I'd say she's more than a recommendation. Can't wait for the next Spider-Person to be added to my Spiderverse collection!

Until Next Time!

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