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Funko POP: Sour Patch Kids (Orange & Yellow)

This is an usual #POP in my gallery. The funny thing is, it's not mine. I bought it as a gift for a special person and I wanted to take pics of them because they're POPs. I'm also going to be reviewing these two together because they are practically the same thing. Not sure if I'll be doing these in the future (if I get the others or anything similar to these POPs), but worth a try. Here we go.

I really like the homage to the Sour Patch Kids packet. Fun fact: Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy!

I already have yellow and orange. The special person who owns these POPs wants all of them--surprise, surprise! Red is a no brainer and blue is a favorite flavor of mine so I have no qualms getting all of them. Though missing green???

Let's just name each other by color, shall we? Hello, Orange!

There's not much to really say about this POP other than it looks like a Sour Patch Kid. Shape, texture, and all, this POP is a plastic version of the snack. The big eyes, the subtle smile, the tiny arms, and that recognizable shape of the head/hair.

The color is also pretty good and it's pretty faithful as the orange Sour Patch can be. The sprinkle of sugar does well to add some depth to a very simple POP.

Look at those doe eyes! Very adorable!

Here comes Yellow aka Lemon! Again, not much different from Orange so the review will be less wordy from here on out.

Again, red and blue is going to be part of this collection for my special person.

The one odd thing about this #POP is that they all come with this stand with copyright statement on it... something I have yet to come across in any POP I have collected. Odd.

Again, Lemon(Yellow) is identical to Orange with the obvious color difference; posture, texture, shape, etc. Not going to say that's a bad or a good thing necessarily but I should point out that I do think consistency for this series is kind of a neat touch.

Lemon's color, however, doesn't look as neat as Orange. Maybe it's the bright yellow that just glares. The touch of sugar doesn't do as much to give depth but hey, it is what it is for this POP!

On a final note, I probably would have bought these two had they not been a present. They're not part of my display and no, I don't think I'll spend the time reviewing the others when I buy them. This is an off the wall part of my #POP hobby but since #Funko is very diverse in their licensing, it's a neat little thing to have said I have come across. Other than that, unless there is some kind of special nostalgia with these, I don't think they'll be in every shelf of every POP collector.

Until Next Time!

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