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Funko POP: Spider-Man "Bug Eyes Armor" (2022 Winter Convention)

Sticking to the idea that I'm going to get more POPs and run out of room... here we are with another Spider-Man into the Spiderverse wall!

Spider-Man is never going to run out of merchandise power, you know that? I saw this design for Spdiey some time back but never really read a story while he was wearing it. But it did look good!

That Todd McFarlane pose is always going to be a classic for Peter. Maybe a POP of that one day, Funko/Marvel? Please?

A bobblhead!

I'm going to flat-out say that in the accuracy department, I can't even look at the two and say they're the same Spider-Suit. It doesn't look like the same thing at all. The sculpting is missing a few things that makes it look like it's actually an iron suit. Maybe the 'ears'? But for the most part, if one never sees the actual comic book design and just has this POP as a reference for the "Bug Eyes Armor", I'm sure it's hard to armor. But it's not a bad POP in terms of pose and sculpt. It's a Webhead dynamic pose and that clear stand will always get praise from me as long as they do it right. I love the kneepads, boots, and thwipping hand; overall, it's a well-done pose.

The paint job makes this Spidey POP unique. But before I even give it the praise, the inaccuracy of the source material will knock it off a few pegs for some. For me, I'm not 100% sure if it would've turned me off from buying the POP. I like the design of it and I thought that's how I saw it in the comics but, yeah, I was wrong. However, the color of the POP now isn't too bad. It's a far cry from Parker's usuals, and the colors of dark blue with white and grey aren't a bad mix. The red highlights and logo I can enjoy. Overall, it's not bad--points off for the inaccuracy.

Here is Bug Eyes Armor POP next to Big Time POP. I do like the more dynamic poses of POPs these days.

Good? A must-have? Funny enough I'm going to say to give this one some thought. I personally like it and it's a good addition to my growing Spiderverse collection. However, there are other better POPs to nab if one is just looking for a Spidey POP. I got this one on sale so it's worth but the glaring inaccurate in the color department may not bode well for some Spidey fans/collectors. Still, I'm happy to have him! And I can't wait to get more Spidey POPs and see how this one looks next to 'em.

Until Next Time!

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