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Funko POP: Spider-Man (No Way Home Epilogue Suit)

No way! Another POP for this year! Trust me, there are a couple of more POPs before 2023 ends. So I won't postpone the intro. Let's get right into the review, shall we?

I always criticized (and still do) the choices Marvel made with their MCU Spider-Man(boy). To this day, I consider Tom Holland's iteration as last in the totem poll--an unpopular opinion, of course. But No Way Home brought some peace with my disdain in regards to Holland. Some peace. All in all, I'm still not the biggest fan.

And I got a couple of the POPs from this set. A good wave even if I didn't buy every single one.

He is a bobblehead!

The are plenty of things to like with this POP. Other than it's Holland's best-looking Spider-Man suit, it's also got a few good details going for it. The webbing on his suit is all sculpted, the eyes show a good amount of detail as well, and the logo is also well sculpted, just a lot of sculptwork happening here. The pose is also something I appreciate a lot! That Spider-Man swing still allows the figurine to be displayed since it's not as complex and dynamic as some of Spidey's poses can be. I Love the webbing and the way the transparent stand works to give that small illusion that this Spidey-POP is web-slinging. It's awesome and I adore it!

Even looks nice in this profile shot

Even the insignia is well done!

The color is also part of the highlight for this POP. Took MCU a bit longer than I wanted for them to find a suit that could give Tom Holland's Spidey a classic feel and when they did, it got some brightness to it that I like.

All the Cinematic Spideys I have in POP form. No Way Home was a definite turning point for MCU Spider-Man for me. They also came with a ton of POPs too so I'm pretty happy with the ones I got.

I can definitely recommend this one. Out of all of Tom Holland's outfits, this is the one I like the most. I'm glad they made a POP out of it! Great pose. Amazing details and pose. The colors are vibrant. Overall it's an amazingly well-done piece. Another winner this year in terms of Spider-Man POPs!

Until Next Time!

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