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Funko POP: Spider-Men / No Way Home (Amazon 3-pack)

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

A long time coming to have it in my collection! What is this, you might ask? Well, it's the 3-pack from Amazon of Spider-Men: No Way Home! I've had this preordered for a long time and am glad that it's finally here! With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

Not the standard way I'm showing off the box. Honestly, the top of the box isn't that interesting which is why I'm going this route. Again, it's an Amazon Exclusive so there's that, eh?

All of these can be bought single but the 3-pack was the way to go for me. I just wanted them all together so here we are. This review is going to be a bit long since I'm going to be going over every single piece.

Starting out with the original cinematic Spider-Man: Tobey McGuire's version. Or for the sake of what the #POP is calling his version: the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Honestly, I really loved how the suit looked when it first came out. Definitely, something that was different and pristine during the early days of superhero movies. But as the years went on, I grew away from it. I don't hate it, but definitely don't 'love it' like I used to. As a POP though, it does translate well. I love the pose and one knows how much I love POP stands that allow for a dynamic pose. And Spider-Man, regardless of the universe, is an agile, high-flying, superhero--so he almost always needs a pose such as this. Also, the sculpted eyes make for a better head sculpture as well. This is definitely a friendly neighborhood looking POP, thwipping about and ready for action!

That thwipping hand is definitely awesome! Also the spider logo looks good

One thing that really stands out with McGuire's Spider-Man outfit is the silver lines for the webbing on his outfit. It's not classic black. It does look good onscreen and definitely transfers to its POP form.

Now, time for my unpopular opinion: Andrew Garfield is an absolute Amazing Spider-Man! He is my favorite Spider-Man for sure! I'm not going to say that his movies are the best, but he is by far the best Spider-Man (in my humble opinion, of course). Now he has had two suits within two movies: the one that he kept, and the one that is kept from us (the ASM1/gold eyes Spidey). I honestly like the first suit but I get why they went with a more classic look. Honestly, if one wants a cinematic comic book-accurate movie suit, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the way to go! Has big bug eyes, red and blue colors, and no extra lining here and there just for the sake of it. And looking at it in POP form, it sure translates well! Of course, the pose is very dynamic as he jumps into action with the transparent figure stand supporting his moment of 'doing whatever a spider can'! Not doing the classic 'thwipping' hand but hey, I can't complain. It's my favorite Spider-Man jumping into action.

You can see his web shooters!

The colors are pretty spot on to Andrew Garfield's dark blue and red gimmick during The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I will say that my complaint is the web lines. They're not colored in and I feel that would have done a bit more to make his suit accurate and stand out. But overall, the execution is terrible. The lack of lining probably hurts it just a little bit though, not going to lie.

Just right from the get-go, Holland is my least favorite Spider-Man. I never enjoyed any of his movies and his appearances--in fact, I hated his scenes in Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame (much like I despise every time Captain Marvel came into the picture). But No Way Home was a different breed of Spider-Man shenanigans for Holland. But even when I ended up giving him some respect, the suit(s) he wore weren't much to my liking either--with the exception of the epilogue suit. The final battle suit he wore... it's still reminiscent of his Endgame "Iron Spider" look and I just didn't like that suit one bit. I do have to admit though that all those fancy lines and unnecessary does look good for sculpted designs on a POP. Even his eyes have some kind of depth thanks to all of those line work. Going to be fair as well--he definitely needed those black lines for his webbing. Something that #Funko missed out on for some reason. The transparent stand definitely gives this POP dynamic--like the other two Spider-Men, of course.

The color scheme isn't all too bad; and honestly, as I look at certain angles and moments of the movie, it doesn't really look that bad at all. I think Funko pulled it off just fine--the gold doesn't look too shiny compared to it, but honestly, this POP looks just fine.

It's been a long time coming for this 3-Pack. The movie was damn good despite it being Holland-led. I love the moment when Parker (Garfield) spoke about pulling a punch, the final showdown, and just the overall arc that Holland Spider-Boy went through. It was a good movie and the moment I saw this 3-Pack floating about, I really wanted it. Being an Amazon exclusive, I definitely had to get it. Worth it? well, I think so. Definitely easy to get them as single commons I bet, but definitely need to have all three just to cap it off. I'm happy with this purchase. I highly recommend it.

Until Next Time!

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