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Funko POP: Spider-Man (PS4)

Updated: May 5, 2019

It is an understatement to say that #DissidiaNT was the game that held my interest this year. It was the game that deterred me from spending money I didn't have to spend on gaming. But if there was another game that truly held my interest it would be Spider-Man for the ps4. Albeit a bit of a late bloomer, the adventures of Peter Parker from Earth 1048 in the gaming world definitely holds it own for my gaming life for 2018 so it's only natural I get some tangible representation for my of the game. So here we are with a Spider-Man PS4 POP. Let's get right into the review.

When I first saw Spider-Man's costume for the PS4 exclusive game, I was a bit thrown back. I wasn't quite sure what they were going for and I wasn't able to grasp an opinion whether or not I liked it or I despised it. The white emblem was a bit off putting and even they tried to compliment it with white on his gloves and small parts of his costume, it still didn't ring true for me. Eventually though I learned that it's actually a pretty good variation. Spider-Man has a ton of other costumes (a small amount was showcased in this game) and honestly, this is one of his more 'modern take' and grounded to what a Spider-Man like person would wear in this day and age... I guess. And even if this design didn't appeal to me, the choices of costume for the game varies and he does have his classic Spider-Man suit. But I digressed. My love for the suit is definitely influenced with my love for the game, the story, the way they took the lore, and not to mention, the aesthetics ain't half bad at all.

Shockingly, the POPs for this series isn't something to gawk and say wow over. Probably will stick with Spidey and that's it. Now if they produce a Black Cat based of the PS4 game, I'd get her.

It's not the most Spider-Man like pose. Spidey is always depicted in some agile position or web slinging; standing neutral and taking his mask off is not a common thing at all. But it's the reason why I was truly sold to get this POP. It's different and definitely shows some story behind it. Whether he is getting ready to web sling and/or he is taking it off after a day's work, it's a neat concept. With that, the sculpting isn't bad at all. Spider-Man's PS4 design still retains most of what makes him recognizable but still having its own little quirks. Those said quirks have small details here and there that Funko replicated in the POP stylized design. Another impressive thing is the way they managed to get Peter's in-game hairstyle. Again, POP is not known for having the best sculpted hair but as long as they are 'recognizable' to the character they are replicating then it's fine. Peter Parker definitely looks like Peter Parker in POP form and that's all I ask for.

Colors are good, so not much to say in this area. Some sloppy areas as expected, but nothing to really mar the overall look.

Here is Spider-Man PS4 next to Superior Spider-Man... which is kind of an ironic thing to see these two side by side. AND I just realized that I only have three Spidey POPs? Huh. Need to find Symbiote Spidey and Iron Spider (comic book version).

At the end of the of the day I can't say that Spider-Man PS4 is my ideal Spider-Man but how great that game was, he can be a pretty good representative. There are other Spider-Men that I prefer, for sure and as a POP, I'd say he's a good addition but nothing to stand out. For the sake of the game, he needed to be part of my collection. Those who enjoyed Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 can expect a good POP representation of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Until Next Time!

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