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Funko POP: Stitch & The Ducklings

This is a #POP that I adore to the core! This actually isn't mind and more of a gift I gave someone. But I couldn't help but get a review on this thing because, well, it's just that adorable! So, let's get on with the review!

Another BoxLunch exclusive! It's a pretty awesome store with plenty of exclusives; #Funko #POP galore, let me tell you that much! Also, the box is a bit bigger since this is a 'movie moment', and a very special moment for the movie. Yes, I'm fan of Lilo & Stitch, an underrated Disney movie, that's for sure. It had a good message and Stitch was such a fantastic example of a character with growth. Nani and Lilo had a fantastic arc that just fits within the Disney lessons and motivations. So yeah, glad to have this POP, that's for sure.

I want Stitch 626. Also, they could do a whole lot with Stitch, especially when there are a ton other experiments like Stitch. Though I'm not sure if the return on investment is going to be too high since the cartoon series was a bit obscure. A neat idea though if we get to see the there experiments like Angel.

This is an adorable piece. Stitch looks amazing in POP's style! Honestly, Stitch's animation style is not that far off from Funko's POP--just a bit bigger head, or smaller body, whichever. I do think the sculpting just captures the Movie Moment just right with the ducks, the books, and, of course, the character of Stitch himself.

The drawn artwork on the book is pretty good too

Not much else to say about the pose since it is trying to replicate a movie moment and as I mentioned before, it's pretty darn accurate.

The colors is actually pretty spot on. Clean and sharp and it's definitely one of the best paint job I have seen from Funko. The ground may be a bit too cookie-dough looking, but Stitch looks good. He is the right blue, the ducks gives a bright contrast, and then the story book's page is vibrant and sticks out.

So all in all, this Stitch and the Ducks Movie Moment is pretty straight-forward, nothing extravagant and not at all disappointing. As a fan of Lilo & Stitch, this one really does hit a certain nostalgia which I appreciate whole heartedly. For anyone willing to grab this POP is in for a treat since it does its job and hits the mark that it's supposed to.

Until Next Time!

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