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Funko POP: Thanos (Holiday)

Not done with the Christmas-themed POPs just yet! Here we have the Mad Titan himself, Thanos! And in Christmas spirit?! That's right! I'm pretty excited about this one since it's a peculiar festive side of Thanos that we don't see very often. With that said, let's just get on with the review!

This POP was actually from 2022 so it's not part of the recent Xmas 2023 lineup. But regardless, I am glad to have finally snagged him. Most likely won't get into the other characters since none of them really are hitting the right spot for me.

Just from the artwork alone, Thanos looks like a huge POP. For a common and from the 'regular' lineup, he has some weight, for sure.

Before I get on with the review, I just want to point out that mine came with an arrow sticky for some reason. I'm not entirely sure what this is about and yes, I did check out the area the arrow was pointing and I saw nothing off.

Right off the get-go, I will say that this guy is chunky. Got some weight to him, for sure. Funko definitely gave a lot of plastic to this guy to keep the Mad Titan as big and imposing as he usually is. One thing they did really well was giving Thanos a pose. Of course, the Infinity Gauntlet has to be showcased. Also, take a look at all those details with Thanos' helmet, boots, and gloves, The gauntlet also has a lot of rivets and dents to give that metallic look. Those stones/gems look really good too--save for the paint job which we'll look at later. The sweater doesn't have a lot of details like wrinkles and the like but there are some good things with it that we'll, again, look at later.

There are some good details, for sure.

Unfortunately, it's easy to point out some quality issues when it comes to the paint job. The back of Thanos' helmet has some missing gold and the blue lines aren't as clean as the should be. Some of the paint on the seater (right arm) aren't meshing very well, but that might be due to the arm connecting to the body. With all that said though, it's still a good looking POP. The sweater definitely gives a nice contradiction to the surprisingly vibrant but nefarious character. And where the gold on his outfit shines, they shine. It's not terrible by any means, but the first POP in a long while where the paint became one of the first things I point out.

That smirk though! Definitely a face only a mother can.... wait, his mother went crazy taking a first glance at Thanos!

Here is POP Thanos Holiday next to POP Thanos PX Exclusive, and POP Infinity War Thanos. I should've put the Holiday Thanos in the middle but that Exclusive Thanos looks better in the middle. Also, these are all different versions of Thanos!

I've wanted this Thanos for a while now and with the Holiday season coming around it was a perfect time to grab him. He's got a good weight to him, he looks good, and at the end of the day, he's going to look good on my Christmas POP set up. I highly recommend him, for sure!

Until Next Time!

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