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POP: Thanos (PX Exclusive)

A comic book accurate version of Thanos in #POP form! This Thanos is a special edition and it is based on his (in)famous moment in the original Infinity War saga. So without further adieu, let's get right into the review!

This PX Exclusive is not a typical POP. Bigger than the average and with a more elaborate diorama, it definitely holds a higher price tag and honestly, that's okay. It's Thanos, after all. The #MCU baddie that really was built up throughout the First 10 years of the Marvel Studios. And while we didn't get the comic book version of him in the movies, we did manage to get a good villain and a boost in Thanos' popularity--which means more amazing merchandise based off the Mad Titan.

This "Deluxe" POP is part of #Marvel's 80 Years celebration. And it's fitting. Thanks to Thanos and his storyline, Marvel gained a good 10-year run in the mainstream!

There are a ton that celebrated "80 Years" of Marvel and I grabbed a couple. Though Thanos is a must, simply because he is definitely iconic for me back then as he is now for the mainstream.

Just right off the get-go, the aesthetics, the mold, and the delivery of Thanos' iconic moment is -flawless- in my eyes. While staying true to the stylized anatomy of the Funko POP, this rendition of Thanos stays very true to how the Mad Titan looks during his golden comic boo days. With a bigger head, we got that gritting teeth and those butt chins! The pose is strong and imposinng, and his left hand ready to inflict the snap! This is a really really good POP. The sculpt is also top-notch since it captures every aspect of his outfit. There really isn't much for me to complain about, truly.

The coloring is also done quite well. The metallic color is both accurate and cleanly done. Not much to really talk about other than it's just executed flawlessly.

The base is also something we got to take a look at in terms of sculpting and color. There's actually quite some shading done on the skulls while the earth/terrain, not so much. Still, it's something that really adds to the figure.

And while the gauntlet isn't as elaborate in comic book form as it is with the MCU version, it is still something to take note of. From my knoweldge, it's done true to the comic book version and the little detail it does have, the POP has it.

I know I wasn't very detailed with this review but truly, what is there for me to say? It's fantastic. It's great. Well done to replicate the iconic moment of Thanos'. Any fan of Marvel, a collector, or just loves POPs, I highly recommend this. It's got a great base, an accurately done character, and a figure oozing with a labor of love.

Until Next Time!

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