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Funko POP: Thena (Walmart Exclusive)

I enjoyed the Eternals Movie enough. I like some of the characters there and Thena was definitely one of them.

The Eternals got a pretty wide selection of merchandise--in all areas of fandom and collecting. But just speaking POP alone, there are standard versions, and then there are also store exclusives. This one is a Walmart exclusives. I'm pretty sure that Thena isn't the only one that got variants. I prefer this one over the regular one which is why I have her!

Probably won't be going after EVERY single Eternals POP. Though some have caught my attention (more one that).

Eternals the movie was a lot of things. It was divisive for one thing--where do I stand between the dislike, like, hate, and love? In between, honestly. I definitely like the designs and I do like Angelina Jolie's version of Thena. I also adore her outfit and Thena had great moments. With that said, this POP version of her is quite nice. A lot of the details in Thena's outfit is present even in Stylized form. I also like the transparent plastic used for her weapons--something I thought was always neat with Thena too with her ability to manifest any kind of melee weapons. The pose definitely compliments the weapons chosen for this POP and it's fitting.

Thena's color scheme is quite interesting since it comprises of bronze/gold armor with veery mute, flesh colored cloth. Her weapons also glows in a golden hue and Angelina's skin tone almost fades in with the color scheme--and not to mention her hair. Funko did a fine job ensuring that all the muted colors mach together in POP form. The plastic chosen and the paint execution definitely compliments and replicates the #MCU version of Thena. I haven no complaints. I also like the gold eyes rather than going with black.

All in all, she's not a bad POP. She's got some details where need be and a pretty standard but fitting pose. I won't say that Thena is a must--heck with what Eternals means in the grand scheme of the MCU line ups and favorable reception, I think this is an easy pass for people. For me, I like the character and the movie enough to justify owning a POP of her. I'm happy.

Until Next Time!

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