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Funko POP: Vivec (Review 2.0)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hands down, Vivec holds the title for being the most peculiar POP I have in my line up. I say this for a myriad of reasons. So let's go ahead and jump right in and check out the Tribunal of Morrowind!

Since this is a revisit, I unfortunately cannot provide the box. Rest assured that it is practically the same thing as the other POPs that we have seen before. This one does showcase some of the Morrowind line ups they have for this POP wave(Check out Naryu; she's one of the interesting one for me). Vivec, however, is a rare kind of POP. His posture pays homage to the character and they pull this off by using a stand so well to mimic a levitation stance. I have yet to see (or own) a POP that has done something this unique.

Now Funko's decision to give this Tribunal multi colors is all credit to Vivec's in-game design. But that doesn't really take away from how well this POP is executed. The contrasting gold with the aqua blue does well and its not too jarring. Those BIG red eyes are just adorable! It is also something to note that the aqua side of Vivec is glow in the dark. Though my POP Vivec doesn't really work too well.

Love how they pulled that stunt off with Vivec's levitation. Not to mention, the small details on his bronze armor is something I can highly appreciate. Also the peppering of said armor does help to add more depth to an already juxtaposed design.

If it isn't obvious, I love POPs. It's one of my main preys when I hunt for action figures in the wild. To have something as unique as Vivec is something I can really appreciate! Truly, for ANY Elder Scroll fan, POP fan, or someone who can appreciate this kind of execution on a stylized action figure, Vivec is something you should check out! Take a gander at the entire set too! But at the very least, get Vivec before the other Tribunals arrive and wreak havoc on our plane of existence!

Until Next Time!

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