• Onyx

Funko POP: Witch King (Lord of the Rings)

Updated: May 5, 2019

Yes, at one point, I used to be a huge Lord of the Rings fan, least the movies. The original trilogy. Yes, blasphemy since I didn't read the books. But regardless, I will always be a big fan of POP and the more intricate and unique they look the likelihood of me nabbing them for my collection. So is the POP Witch King unique and intricate? Let's get on the toy review and find out.

If my memory serves me right, the Witch King was the Nazgul that Eowyn fought and said her famous line: "I am no Man!". I haven't seen the movie in some time but I still retain my liking of the Nazgul and their leader. I always thought they looked so menacing. The combination of tattered clothing and their armor definitely leans towards my preference and how I like my characters to look. It was also pretty cool that they rode those odd looking dragons. In their POP form, I think they still managed to keep some of that sinister look but still holds true to Funko POP's stylized form. Can't complain, really. I wonder if there are the regular Nazgul in POP form? Maybe I should check that out and see if they will be an addition to my over POPulated collection, eh?

I'm sure there is an Aragorn POP somewhere. Maybe not on this wave but in another one. Might get him since he was my favorite character aside from Gimli and, of course, Legolas was also cool.