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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Black Lantern)

Updated: May 5, 2023

#POP makes another entrance into my blog! Not just any POP too! It's another Wonder Woman! Well, y'all know the drill. Let's get into the review, shall we?

Black Lantern Wonder Woman is introduced to me through the Blackest Night storyline--not sure if she appeared anywhere else but I'm almost certain that it's her first appearance. Regardless, I do like the look. Compared to her modern (at the time) and well-known outfit, Black Lantern fits her Amazon/Greek roots far more. She also has an axe and she's as black as night---deadly servant of the Black Lantern corps for sure.

Almost 'complete'! Not sure if I'll be getting more after this POP.

Black Lantern Wonder Woman has that gladiator look that truly fits her character. She's got that gladiator look, she's carrying a huge axe, and now that she's a representative of the Black Lantern, she's got zero FFFs about things! In her POP form, she looks great. Those little details on her 'armor' are there, her shinguards, the 'tiara', and the giant axe are all present in their stylized Funko form! Her pose isn't exactly action-based but she does stand imposing and all. I can't complain because it's what I expected out of this series and Funko in general.

I do like her pointing like that, taunting or intimidating

The color is actually quite good. Nothing out of the Funko norm and nothing messy at all. I will say that the white boots should be silver like the rest of the other straps with the figure. Just really odd that it's white. But it's a clean piece. The Black Lantern symbol is sharp on both her tiara and her axe. The grey skin definitely looks good to imply that Diana is undead.

Again, clean looking paint applications. Especially love the tiara!

Here is Funko POP Wonder Woman Black Lantern next to Funko POP Wonder Woman White Lantern. I'd say that White has a more dynamic look to her while Black has more details. Also, wish they'd do Star Sapphire Wonder Woman--and do a spinoff of Diana in other Lantern outfits.

Definitely a good-looking POP and for the sake of 'completing' this series, it's a must. As an above-average fan of Wonder Woman, getting close to completing this series is definitely fun and somewhat fulfilling. I'm not sure if I am going to get the rest of Wonder Woman POP figures, but if I am going to end it here, I'm hardly complaining. Black Lantern Diana is for sure good to stand on her own merit as a POP.

Until Next Time!

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