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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Fall of Sinestro)

#POPs are going to come in hot, let me warn you! Also, Wonder Woman has a series (one that I started collecting already but didn't realize I was going to dive into this fervently). Without further adieu, let's look at Wonder Woman as a "Yellow Lantern" in POP form!

I never read or have even seen Wonder Woman in Sinestro Corps duds in the comics (at least at this time of me writing this). I'm sure there was a story and she was probably either a key role or hit hard for a panel or two and then on to the bigger arc. One of these days I'm going to look up the actual comic book look but from a Funko point of view, its looks good.

I've already mentioned that I'll be collecting most (if not all) of this series. We'll see if I stay true to that.

I do like her pose. It's very Lantern-y and she's ready to concoct a construct to save/terrorize the next person. The outfit is nice and Sinestro corps had always leaned towards the black and yellow and the fact that Diana isn't foreign to those colors actually works out. I like the chest design--it being Sinestro Corps logo (partial) and all. Diana's tiara/headband having his logo is a bit much considering she also has it in her ring, but what are they going to do, put the star? Wouldn't have worked. All in all, they did good on the sculpting.

Can't really complain about the colors either. It's not my favorite color scheme but it does the job. The hair, while still black, doesn't fade in with the outfit's black color. The silver, gold, and yellow makes her skin stand out and all in all, it's not too messy of a paint job.

Does have a few imperfections on the tiara, hair, and logo side, but the ring is done well and the rest of the imperfections aren't standing out too much unless you go on a close up. It's fine.

Probably not the best Wonder Woman POP coming out of the series but it's a good addition. I do like it and since I'm collecting the series, it's a must. Not exactly the biggest Lantern fan but I do appreciate each faction for what they are. It's a nice price tag when I got it so all in all Sinestro Corp Wonder Woman is worth it.

Until Next Time!

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