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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (Odyssey)

Told you all I was serious about #POP Wonder Woman hunt! So, here we go! Another one to add to my collection! Let's take a look, shall we?

This outfit had a bit of backlash for Wonder Woman. She's wearing pants and looking more 'modern'. I mean, I won't say the backlash is wrong but it's kind of petty in more than one aspect. If it's no surprise, I'm more for Diana without pants but I like my super heroines having alternate outfits--as long as they revert back to their better ones/staple ones, I'm good. So I do like this outfit, just to be honest.

Once again, I'm on the hunt for these Wonder Woman POPs. Worry not. With the exception of one or two--maybe.

This POP is actually quite awesome in its own right. While I will credit the costume design for helping this POP make as cool as it does. It's got the leather jacket, sculpted accordingly, the cool looking bracelets, the unique tiara, and the pants with the gold 'foot bracers'. I like the pose, it's also quite simple but the lasso going around her as she manipulates it does make for a cool effect. Perhaps it will go rogue and wrap around her, eh?

The color is quite nice. Wonder Woman's blue is a bit darker, which is canon to this outfit and her New 52 blue. The dark color scheme is accentuated with the vibrant gold and the red peppered here and there. For the most part, the execution is sharp and clean for my Odyssey Wonder Woman so no complaints here.

Here is POP Wonder Woman (Odyssey) next to POP Wonder Woman Flashpoint. They have nothing in common really other than they're Wonder Woman. I just decided to put them together to show the difference between coloring.

This outfit is part of Wonder Woman's history and as a part of this series, it's a must if one is about completing the series. It's not a bad outfit and as a POP, she ain't half bad. Got some decent sculpt, good coloring, and a design that ain't half bad. I definitely don't regret having her inn my collection.

Until Next Time!

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