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Funko POP: Wonder Woman (w/ Classic Cape)

Wonder Woman! Again! Yes! I know, the #POP line up of Diana is definitely building up! But we all know the drill! Let's get to the review, eh?

I think this will be the box! This will be the box I will do the 'check list'. It's fitting since this is classic Wonder Woman! I'm pretty close to completing this list with a few on preorders, and one I'm still questioning if I'm going to grab because.... well, cause it's weird. We'll see.

Definitely a classic Wonder Woman pose with that classic cape. Without mentioning it, this is definitely Lynda Carter's iteration with a very classic picture.

No not that one!


There you go! It's a bit different in some sense, but it is, of course, an inspiration for this POP Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter does have a certain beauty as Wonder Woman, doesn't she? Bondage and #DiD not withstanding.

Now that we got the inspirations out of the way, let's get right into the POP itself! The bracelets, the tiara, and the eagle on her chest all designed to represent Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. That cape is also so synonymous with Lynda Carter that it's hard not to say anything else other than this is her version. Guess they can't mention her because of license purposes, but yeah. It's her. And i think this POP does a fine job announcing that. Pose is awesome and details are fantastic!

Colors are vibrant and pops out. For the most part it's also sharp and the small starts on her trunks are done quite well. I really can't say much at all. It looks like Wonder Woman from Lynda Carter's days and even if one doesn't recognize it as such, one would know that it is Wonder Woman.

Here she is next to POP Wonder Woman (Golden age). Not a wrong comparison but I should've placed her next to POP DCEU Wonder Woman. Oh well.

It's Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. They may not have said the fact due to licensing or what not, it's her. And while Lynda's portrayal of the Amazon is best during its time, it's still classic and parts of my childhood. Glad to have a merchandise of her and this, along with POP Golden Age Wonder Woman probably would have been the the two I couldn't miss from this series. I highly recommend!

Until Next Time!

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