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Funko SODA: Agent Venom

A #Funko SODA enters the fray yet again! It's been a bit so I'm just going to go right into the review! So let's get into it!

Again, I'll always mention this more of than not when I'm reviewing these things but the SODA can is part of the big sell of this toy line. Will be keeping most of the figurines inside, of course. With that said, Agent Venom is a great milestone for the Venom character. It's not Eddie Brock is not Agent Venom (my favorite host of the Venom symbiote), but the new (temporary host), Flash Thompson, definitely put his own spins. He uses guns, he is a bit more tame and not feral all the time unless he goes berserk, he has this unique design that makes him look black ops-ish. I like it. May not be the best Venom run, but definitely a good aesthetic, for sure.

Comes with a pog, a figurine, and that #SODA can. I enjoy this little gimmick with Funko's SODA toy line.

I love that rifle!

Again, these figurines don't have a lot of dynamics. But that's the gimmick of it so that's not a complaint. I have a lot of praise actually when it comes to this piece since Funko was able to grab as many details from the pages of the comic books and fit them into this tiny little figurine. The shoulder pads, the 'bullet proof vest', the spikes on the gauntlets and boots, and even the utility belt--as much as possible, they are present. Also, Agent Venom is carrying a rifle! Lots of little sculpting done which makes me really happy to have pulled the trigger on this one.

They eyes are also not full painted on, they're sculpted THEN the white outlines are there.

More of the sculpt work can be seen from this angle.

The plastic choice and the paitning is 99% perfect. While Agent Venom doesn't have a WHOLE lot of color variations, with him being black and white and all, the coloring had to be on point. The white painting is spot on.

Well, I never thought I'd get more SODAs this year, but ended up getting this guy so there you go. Worth it? I'd say so. Must have? For any collector that wants a good looking figurine with neat details, yes. Do you have to have it as a Venom fan? That's slightly compilcating; really depends how hardcore if you are the Venom fan that tolerates hosts outside of Brock. With that said though, I'm pretty happy with this! I'd recommend for sure.

Until Next Time!

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