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Funko SODA: Baby Groot (GoTG Vol. 2)

Well, I did say I was going to get into the SODA game, right? This time around, I got to purchasing the ever-lovable Baby Groot from GoTG Vol. 2! So, without further adieu, let's get into it, shall we?

Again the SODA can is definitely part of the novelty of this line! I am definitely all in with this idea and just like my previous purchase, I am keeping the figure inside the can--after initially opening it, of course!

Well, here are the contents inside! The character, the 'pog', and the can! And what's this? Lo and behold, what do I got?!

That's right! This version is a chase! Well, I suppose it's time to go over what that means! In the Funko world, chase basically means 'rare' or 'exclusive'. As one can see, only a certain number are produced making chases a real collectable. This is my first and it's a pretty cool feeling!

Depending on the figurine/character is how the chase will be based on. Sometimes it's a complete outfit change, a color scheme, and for Baby Groot's chase, it's the expression. Angry Baby Groot! From my understanding, it's just the face that is different from the common but I don't and will not try to have the other version so this is fine. Baby Groot was the adorable mascot. When he was given the Ravagers outfit, yeah it made him that much more. The SODA figurine does a fine job giving the details, as much as it could, that is. The pose is also just fine. I feel like it works with the chase than the common, making more appreciative that I got this version for sure!

There are some details in the back are something to take note of

Colors are fine as well. I do like the tint on Groot's skin, the way it fades from brownish to green is nice. The clothing is also done quite well. Got some color variations and things like buckles were given attention. All in all, Funko put some care to it so I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

As my second SODA figurine, it's quite nice. Being a chase makes it that much more better. I'm not going to go hardcore on SODA collecting, but if I keep gettin things like this and hit the luck with some chase variants, I'll keep going! Definitely not going to be my last SODA figure. As far as which/who is next, guess we'll find out.

Until Next Time!

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