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Funko SODA: Chernabog

Another #Funko #SODA on my collection! I’m trying to be a casual collector of this and by all rights I still am. But when I come across characters I do like and/or have certain nostalgia with, I'll go for it. This time around, we have Chernabog in his SODA form! Let's get right in!

As I'll always mention, the appeal will be the SODA can itself. As I have shown through my collecting of this series, the SODA figurines stay inside their soda can confine. It make for a more unique display in my eyes.

And here are the contents inside the can! And wouldn't you know?

This one is actually a chase variant! So what makes this a chase variant? What features does it have that differentiates it from a common? The metallic paint over it, of course! And yes, this is 1 of 2000!

Now, Chernabog, is, by all rights, a very generic looking demon. He has horns, he has glowing eyes, he has bat wings, and his arms are crossed. An imposing figure for sure. The one unique thing to him is that his lower half is part of a mountain--or is the mountain. Who knows. But he does stand tall and would be a very good villain. By all rights, this SODA figurine does a fine job sculpting every little details and the such.

Paint job is clean. Plastic chosen does the job and that metallic shine, while a bit jarring at times, does a fine job making it a 'special' edition.

Here is SODA Chernabog next to Funko POP Chernabog. Definitely consistent despite the stylization.

These SODA collecting is not for everyone, but this is definitely a good addition for anyone that does. I'm pleased with the chase version but getting the common would have been fine. No surprise, but more SODA in the future!

Until Next Time!

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