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Funko POP: Chernabog (Disney)

Adding to an already heavy #POP collecting year, here we have one of the coolest looking characters in Disney that doesn't get enough love: Chernabog! We'll talk more about him but let's just get right into the review, shall we?

Chernabog is a demon or a god of darkness that's all there is to it. An imposing figure that sits atop a mountain and gave Mickey Mouse a heart attack for a few scenes and as far as I know, had disappeared save for a few cameos here and there (Video games and the such). I would like for him to return to the mainstream and be an opposing figure--or maybe he's the source of all bane within the Disneyverse? I don't know but he just looks cool.

Sorcerer Mickey is one I definitely want to add to my collection! That's a classic Mickey Mouse outfit that I must have!

When it comes down to it, Chernabog has a pretty generic design when it comes to demonic creatures. He's got horns, wings, and the glowing eyes that stares right into the heart of a holy warrior. The one unique thing about him is that he seems to be 'one with the mountain'. Not once have I seen him come out of being perched on the rocks and he remains as is, ominously staring down at whoever dares oppose him. That presence and design is kept intact in his POP form. Arms crossed with a evil laugher etched on his adorable POP head, it's definitely an evil character just by design alone. The one thing I will say that is going against the POP is the wings looking a bit underwhelming relative to the character. I think having it spread out would look more ominous and fitting of a character of Chernabog's regard, but regardless, this will do. It's not a big complaint but it is something to point out. Still a good pose nonetheless.

The paint job is sharp. I can't complain at all! I like the color of purple (blue?) that they picked which allows it to be "POP" feel but not being too light hearted--if that makes sense. The one thing I really like with the way they colors Chernabog are the 'shadowing'. It's a nice touch that gives certain parts of his body some depth. I also like the touch of the wings and how inside is darker; good contrast.

Look at that pearly whites!

Here he is next to POP Maleficent. The God of Darkness and the Mistress of Evil!

If I had the Fantasia Mickey, this would be perfect. Right now we'll have to make do with him standing next to POP Conductor Mickey!

All in all, what a cool POP! I've always wanted a merchandise of Chernabog and I'm glad that Funko didn't forget about him. With only the wings as my real complaint, I am very happy to have him join my growing POP army. Wonder who else is next, right?

Until Next Time!

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