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Funko POP: Maleficent

Updated: Mar 23

Another #POP that is Disney-related, yes I know! Though one would be a bit more amazed that this time around it's not a Disney Princess, instead it's a Disney Queen! Or should I say: The Mistress of Evil! Yes, it's Maleficent herself so let's get right into the review!

This isn't your Joleficent version, mind you. This is classic Mistress of Evil from Sleeping Beauty. No backstory to make us empathize, no rhyme or deep layered reason, just pure evil and wanting to do evil things because she is evil. Sometimes those villains are needed in this climate and diluted fandom. With that said, I rather like this version a lot. Sure she's not going to win the most complicated antagonist role--but she's classic. She's evil. And that's her appeal!

"Series 1"! This is an older POP. I have none of those POPs, mind you. Also, there are variants of this Maleficent and I do like them. Might have to hunt them eventually.

It's a pretty simple version. Simplicity is genius is what I say at times, of course. Maleficent's design was, of course, playing off the simple but commanding aesthetic. Dark, demonic, with green draconic/evil skin, and a no BS I am Evil personality, Maleficent is just awesome. I adored her design and seeing Funko make it happen (and me finally grabbing a hold of her) is something that makes me smile. This POP also leans on the 'simple' but very honoring of what Maleficent is, posture-wise, and design-wise. She holds her staff and it looks like she's about to summon some magic. It's almost a movie moment when Maleficent was summoning the power of hell to do battle with the Prince and the magic bestowed upon him. Again, I want that variant/special version where green energy is coming out of Maleficent.

Maleficent does lack some good detail, but then again it's just the same back in the cartoon.

The colors are well done, with the usual POP flare. But the one different thing is that they add more details with the lines all around Maleficent. Adding more purple in those lines gives the paint job more depth and I like it. There are a few messy areas of the painting though but it's not too noticeable.

Here she is next to POP Hela. I quite see them as equal in some regard. I also really adore MCU Hela too. I guess for this case, it's Joleficent and MCU Hela, right?

Here she is next to POP (Frozen 2) Elsa. They'd be good rivals. I've kind of commissioned them together. I guess for this case, Spirit Elsa will pose more of a threat, right?

Well, that's POP Maleficent. This is quite an older POP and to be honest, it holds up. Maleficent is a classic character that has a lot of weight to her in terms of legacy. I may like Angelina's Maleficent to a degree, but it's not hard to say that one-dimensional Mistress of Evil is the better of the two for me so this POP is a must and it's awesome (again, will look for that variant!).

Until Next Time!

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