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Funko POP: Hela (Review)

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Thor: Ragnarok was something else. It really brought people to embrace that Thor can be a fun MCU character without trying to be too serious. While most of that movie's success can be attributed to the well-received humor, I think the characters, like the villainess, for example, is a big part of that said success. Hela, the first real MCU villainess really stood out and made a name for herself this time around. Let's check out where her #POP version stands in comparison to her cinematic presence.

I can't think of any other MCU villainess of the top of my head, but I can easily point at Hela and say that she is the first interesting villain. And no, #Thanos doesn't count.

Tempted to get Heimdal and Valkyrie. And Hulk. But I probably might just stick with Hela from this wave.

There are two kinds of POP in this size: the regular and the bobblehead. Hela is a bobblehead. I am not sure what makes a character qualified to be one or the other, all I know is that Hela and all her complicated horns gains the privilidge of being a figure with a gigantic spring connected head. Honestly, bobble or not, a POP is a POP to me and I can take either or.

One thing I really admired about Hela in the MCU is that her aesthetics not only gets inspiration of her comic book counterpart, it is the comic book look. Albeit it's a bit modified to go hand-in-hand with the MCU, but one can really recognize her as Hela of the Marvel lore. Saying all that, yes, I like how she looks. The actress did well for herself in the role and this POP is an awesome representation. She comes off confident with that pose and they did her details justice (as much as a POP can give, of course).

POP collectors can really get something out of this. While standing in a neutral pose, Hela still pays homage to her counterpart and not to mention, those horns! Those purchasing her have to know that she is a bobblehead version, which can be dealbreaker or do nothing for POP fans. Hela has a helmetless variant, but I do like the helmet version better for sure! Well, that's all I can really say about this gal!

Until next time!

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