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Funko SODA: Iron Man LXXX

Updated: May 28, 2023

A #Funko SODA in the mix! It's been a bit since I've gotten one of these and unlike #POPs, I'm not 100% keen on what characters they have and what up-and-coming releases are on their way. Honestly, I wasn't aware they had Iron Man, but I shouldn't be surprised, all things considered. Welp, let's get into the review, shall we?

Again, the can is the main selling point for me. It does look good and I do like the vintage art style used to give me the classic soda pop vibe. The shape, the feel, I just like the fact that if one isn't aware of this toy line and what it holds, it can deceive if one spots it inside the fridge or something.

Here are the contents inside. Not a chase!

Clearly, Iron Man Mark LXXX has a few details that won't be present within this kind of stylized figurine. Though for what it is, Funko does do a fine job ensuring that Endgame armor is as familiar as ever. The ridges, and the lines, they're all sculpted, giving this armor distinct features that are recognizable from its movie counterpart. And the pose was nothing grand, and I didn't expect it to be.

While a metallic shine would have been nice, it would be asinine to expect it. Maybe for a chase but for a common? No. But the paint job does its job and there are very few blemishes that stand out. The silver, the gold, and the red definitely do well together for sure.

What's the verdict? It's not a must but it is something I am glad I have to add to my Iron Man collection. While this Iron Man figurine stays inside the can, it definitely does make for a good display.

Until Next Time!

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