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FuRyu (FGO): Scathach/Lancer

Updated: May 5, 2019

I can't pronounce Scathach's name nor do I know much about her. Having a very interesting design and welding two red lances on both hands (a style I can't confirm is the best thing to do), Scathach's aesthetics is also matched by her title and the role she seemingly plays in the FATE Grand Order world. She's a pretty big deal according to the ps4 game:Fate Extella Link and it was in that game that my interest of her grew. With that said, stumbling on a statue of her, I knew I had to take the opportunity and purchase her so here I am reviewing it. Is Furyu's representation of Scathach as alluring as the character itself? Let's find out on this FuRyu Scathach review!

I've only had one other FuRyu figurine before and I'm familiar with the box(more on that statue later). The box itself is pretty simple but informative enough to the point where you'll know what is inside and how it looks. The coloring is dominantly purple and shaded with some slighter versions of the aforementioned color. It's a simple, neat, and very organized. There's not much else to these boxes, really, but to store the figurine inside safely and provide a brief glimpse of the product. For all intent and purpose, that is what a box should do. So points to the design of the box and for it serving the purpose!

Some writing that I don't understand so I'll leave it as it is! Moving on!

There are some minor assembly required with Scathach with her weapons and her stand. Nothing difficult and challenging though it does require some carefulness. The lances are a bit fragile if one just hulks it. The spears are all nicely sculpted and resembles how they look on images found of her online.

The spears she holds are quite different in design but color wise, they are both relatively the same. I'm more than positive that they both can work for either hands but I just decided to follow the image on the box. Scathach holds them loosely so when placed on her hands, it's just about angling rather than forcing her to have a firm grip. Where she holds the spears is also debatable. Again, I don't know the character so I'm basing her gripping on the spears on the image of the box and how she wields them in Fate Extell Link.

The other assembly is the stand, which is just a simple manner of plugging it in. There was a transparent peg that I was supposed to put in but it just looks awkward and disengaging. The problem is that Scathach stands on one leg so that peg is a necessity despite its marring the total look of the pose. My solution? Super glue. Something I don't suggest to anyone unless you feel its necessary. Somehow, I wasn't too careful and it leaked out somewhat. I can live with it.

Scathach's design is pretty darn unique and appealing. The skin-tight somewhat transparent suit is layered with fabric that serves no purpose other than to add 'depth'. She has armor platings here and there and tiny straps to put the whole outfit together. From what I have gathered, this is an alternate form because she has a simpler outfit out there that is basically the same thing without the shoulder pads/platings and the headdress. Honestly, I'm glad I went this out because this has more flare. HERE is the link for that statue/costume for those who are curios. And what is a FATE female character without the stylized hair? Sure, Scathach's hairstyle isn't as outrageous as others', it does have a dark purple tint to it and it's long. Her skin is normal colored but those red eyes are to die for! In terms of how Scathach's design translates into plastic form, it's actually quite good. While this is the second exposure I have with FuRyu, I can make state that based on Scáthach, they can put in some good sculpting that allows some of the intricate designs of said character to pop out. There are details in platings of Scathach's armor, the wrinkles on the fabric of her costume is present, her frame is done in an anime perfect body, and I suppose the only thing that seems slightly off is her face--which is still beautiful, but at certain angles looks 'flat'. Hard to explain, but unlike a #Bishoujo face, I seem to have a harder time getting a good image for head shots. And if I am comparing a FuRyu statue with Kotobukiya's staple sexy statue, might as well mention that the hair lacks a certain level I am accustomed to!

Definitely some good effort placed on most areas!

The paint is pretty good. They were able to pull off Scathach's color scheme almost flawlessly and I think it looks fantastic. Most of it might be credit to the character design but I really like the combination of the dark purple and the pink-purple like body tights. Also the red really add a nice exotic finish that drives the point that she is both a dominating force as well as a sexy one.

As far as pose goes, I'm not sure if I can say that this can represent the character. Sure it's just a moment in time but when we are talking about statues, that's it. That's the immortalized representation of this character through the particular statue and that might be both beneficial or detrimental. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad pose, I actually like it. It's very sexy and anime-like but from what I have gathered about Scathach, she ain't exactly the glee-look-at-me I'm Sexy kind of woman. She's the Queen of the Dead... I'd think she's a bit more serious and cares more about doing her job. But again, I could be wrong and I might be putting too much into the thought.

Beautiful statue though, I must admit. She takes a bit of shelf space, however, and it's all due to her spears that she is holding.

Here's FuRyu Scathach next to FuRyu Rin Tohsaka, the only other FuRyu statue I have at the time of this photoshoot.

Being Scathach is my sex exposure to FuRyu, I think it's a pretty amazing piece of statue! She's got a bit more complicated costume rather than a modified school girl uniform so I am more confident that I can rely on FuRyu to deliver with more complicating designs. Great sculpting, nice (although might be out of character) pose, and sharp coloring, all in all, this statue is executed quite well. I don't know much about character but I am intrigued by her design. Glad FuRyu made an awesome and very much affordable statue of her. I highly recommend her. Again, I'd go with this version rather than the simpler one. You get more for this version. Other than that, that's all I really have to say in this review.

Until Next TimeI!

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