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Fwoosh Updates (Mostly Marvel Legends for me)

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

I watch Fwoosh's toy news more than his reviews. He is pretty entertaining! I won't spend too much time recapping his video but some of the things I really think I want are:

  • #Necca Ninja Turtles (all of them; they're actually pretty cheap).

  • #Figma D.VA, which I already preordered!

  • #Marvel_Legends Wendigo #BAF with .... of course MORE Wolverine! X-Force Logan, please? Please!?

At any rate, that's about it for here. Again, just watch his videos to get more info. But that's it for me.


The original video was deleted by YouTube; don't know why so I just added a video that has some of the content and other cool figures that they are releasing. BUT, I did preorder the TMNT 90s action figures from Gamestop. Had to go there physically. But at any rate!

Until Next Time!

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