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Gameranx: Why is FFX Important?

What does FFX mean to me? 

#Final_Fantasy_X was a Final Fantasy I played during a dark time of my life. I was young, inept, and finding myself wandering to unknown and volatile territory. I was constantly struggling, stumbling, and finding myself without any sort of comfort, solace, and I guess, completely LOST. 

Tidus' story definitely was about being put in a strange world where he was lost, foreign, naive, and at times, unequipped. He met people that helped him through the journey, learned a new culture, a new life, found a young woman whom he truly felt he had a connection with, and then of course, Tidus learned to cope with the past--with his angst against a parent who was terrible, but found a way for redemption. 

Not only the aspect of Tidus' journey resonated with me but Final Fantasy X as a game really hit a few geek spots. Not a lot of Final Fantasy struck me like FFX did; the only other one I would say is better and/or compares is Final Fantasy VI. The gameplay of FFX was still Final Fantasy with a new twist, the graphics at the time was great, we got to hear what Final Fantasy characters sounded like for the first time, and of course, some of my favorite Final Fantasy characters came from FFX, Rikku and Auron to name two. 

Oh, did I mention that FFX-2 is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games as well?

At any rate, that was just a quick few words about what Final Fantasy X meant/means to me. Thank you, Gameranx, for pulling these words out of me!

Until Next Time!

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