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Gaming: 2021 & Beyond

I'm so behind! Well, I'm not going to talk about the Gaming Awards that happened in 2020. Honestly, I don't really care what wins or who doesn't. I play games as I feel like playing them. What is nice are the previews and teases of the new games that come from these awards. With that said, I'm going to touch base on some of them right now. Not going to go in-depth, just want to put a small thought into it.

Mass Effect (4?)

This. This is what we need! Do you know who else we need? Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy! Please! I am pretty excited about this. Bioware needs a win right now.

Dragon Age 4

This should be another win for Bioware. Seriously, they need it. But, again, where's Hawke? Where is Leliana? I didn't finish Inquisition, but this one is catching my interest.

Nier Replicant

Okay, that's crazy. Okay, I'm down. I'm going in on this one. If it's anything close to Automata, I'm all in. I never finished the original Nier and this gives me a chance to get into it!

Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion

At this point, it's becoming "Elder Scrolls' Greatest Hits but Online". I'm never going to play this but, hey, I always want to give Elder Scrolls some love when I can.

Smash Bros x FFVII

Okay. Okay. I won't ever get in Smash Bros but, seriously? That was amazing. Sephiroth always has that command presence that I can't possibly dare ignore. He transcended beyond his own game! Sheesh!

Okay, well, I probably missed a ton of stuff but these are what caught my attention. I was hoping for a Final Fantasy VII-R pt. II news from the #TheGameAwards but, guess we'll wait next year.

Until Next Time!

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