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Gaming: Lollipop Chainsaw Remake?

Some years ago, I was introduced to this lovely gem that mostly served to get my jives going through its fan service. It is not the best game, I admit, and it's definitely not going to win any stories/plot of the decades. But it was--is an over the top, not too serious, and all fun theme. I knew what it was though, I acknowledge its limitations, but all in all, I loved it.

I love it.

Odd years later... WE ARE GETTING A REMAKE!!! Am I excited for this? Well, HELL YEAH! However, we have a few things to talk about before I really let my excitement go to elevated heights:

What does that mean? Now there are a few things I have to keep in mind, of course. The nature of Lollipop Chainsaw is that it's over the top and that the remake team should understand that 'too realistic' means that .... well, it's kind of impossible. Part of the charm is the looks and they really have to be careful if they take that approach (the realistic kind) too seriously.

Music License! Hoo boy! That's another doozy! Once again, part of the game's charm was the music and if we completely go a different route and way off the mark then we are sadly going to lose identity. But we'll see, right? They might hit the right notes!

THAT is the most concerning out of all the others I brought up. No James Gunn involvement and no original team. That coould spell disaster. The remake could be a complete and total NEW remake. Now I'm not sure what that means all together. Will the original VAs like Tara Strong not reprise their roles? Not sure. Definitley concerning.

What do we take out of this? Well, there are plenty of things to get excited about since this is another game like Demon's Souls that means a lot to me--much like Demon's Souls, it never really reached the wide crowd I feel it deserved. But much like that game, there were some changes. New music. New graphics. New team. But that game turned out decent and I had a great feels going back to its world. Getting that same nostalgia and fun factor with Lollipop Chainsaw is still up in the air but let's wait until we get our first screenshoot since it's slated for a release window of 2023. That could mean a lot of things... Q1, Summer... Winter, who knows?

The gameplay and the graphics for sure could use an overhaul, for sure. So excited--cautiously, for the first screenshot!

I also made a (bad) MV of my old game play from way back when too. So, shows how much I'm into it, eh? To the first screenshot then! Will keep y'all posted!

Until Next Time!

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