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Gaming: Spider-Man 2 / Armored Core VI / Sea of Stars

I'm a bit behind with gaming news, but hey, it's really time to dig into the new trailers! With that said, getting into Spider-Man 2 first!

Yeah, we have Venom. Yeah, we have 2 Spideys. And Kraven. I loved the first Spider-Man. Definitely, the first game I went crazy on while I was starting out this blog. Yeah, I love that game and I'm sure if this sequel is even HALF as good, I know I'll enjoy it!

Okay, so it's been a long time since I played an Armored Core--well, been a while since Bandai Namco released an Armored Core since they've been busy with Souls game. BUT, hey, we have a 6th installment and it looks REALLY interesting. I'm definitely really considering this and I might actually pull the trigger, to be honest. It's different, but it should be something that really hits it off. We'll see.

Now this game had been off my radar but recently came on thanks to #gameranx. It really is a love letter to 90s JRPG--more specifically, Chrono Trigger--one of the all-time greats. I don't know much about it since it's really new to me in terms of exposure, but it does look really fun. The only thing against me is time. Time that I don't have for gaming anymore. But, we'll see.

Three games that are now on my radar that are just around the corner. Let's see if I pull the trigger, eh? Will keep things updated.

Until Next Time!

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