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Gaming: Star Ocean 2 HD & Fate/Samurai Remnant

This might be a simple looking game but it may just be something I'm going to need to dive into in the near future. It has a couple of Fate characters I like so I'm all for a hack and slash shenanigans with some hott anime gals! I'm definitely going to see where this game fits into my schedule and budget. Games are not cheap and time is definitely not as accessible as it was before.

Also, I do hope that she is playable one way or another. I do like Jeanne D'Arc Alter's look far more than her 'regular' version. Also, she definitely looks the part!

Oh man! Star Ocean! This game used to be one of my favorite games back on the PSX! This was not in my radar but jeez, now I'm all for it! Claude and Rena's story may not always be on the forefront of my mind but there is no denying that I poured some serious hours on Star Ocean 2 back in the day. So definitely excited for this! Here are some official artwork of the characters:

Rena Lanford is the female protagonist that the player can control right off the get go. She's a cutie, ain't she?

Mind you, she had a DiD moment in the anime.

Celene Jules is another character one can recruit. She's .... definitely an eye candy for the party, ain't she?

Star Ocean 2 had plenty of interesting looking characters. Dias and Ashton being some of them. And I can't remember every single one of the playable characters but I'm pretty sure there's a few more. These are just some of the earlier ones (I believe). At any rate, awesome updated artwork of them, that's for sure!

Well, there are plenty of games for me to dive into this coming year. I might make a post consolidating them into one post. Of course, not all of them I'll pull the trigger but these two are really up my alley. We'll see.

Until Next Time!

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