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Gaming: Summer and Beyond

Gaming is still a big aspect of my daily routine. Sure I don't update as often in regards to that, but rest assured, I am still very active. While I have beaten FFVII R, I still plan on going through a (somewhat) in-depth analysis of the game, the ending, and the direction--I'm going through my second playthrough and I'm gathering more data. I'll get back to that. It'll just take time because I am taking my second playthrough slowly and the game has a LOT to take in.

In the meantime I've been poking at Streets of Rage 4!

I've beaten the game with most of the characters, but right now I'm going through some of the levels on a harder setting with Blaze. Care to take a wild guess why Blaze is my main go-to character?

Now, I've already stated I'm going to get into Ghost of Tsushima. No need to go further into that. It's coming out in July so I have time.

In between that, however, I found out that there is another Onechanbara game that is fairly new. New, but old. It's a remake of the first two games that came out duringn the PS2 days! Yeah, I'm definitely going to get into this game! Why not, right?! I played the one for X360 and have the one for PS4 so... yeah! I'm in!

Marvel's Avengers is getting a lot of crap, or at least, it was and I can see certain aspects as to why. Honestly, the inclusion of Ms. Marvel is kind of a cringe-worthy moment, but other than that, I wouldn't mind playing as Iron Man and Thor. It's coming out later this year and I am lukewarm excited for it.

Again, I'm still into gaming. There are still things I'm probably going to get into and I can't wait for it. Other than that, that's all I really have to say.

Until Next Time!

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