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Ghost-Spider: Issue 5 (Dec 2019)

Hey, wait... what? Now, before one gets extremely excited, it's most likely a misdirect. There probably won't be any kind of #DiD moment inside the comic but that doesn't mean I will not be paying attention. Spider-Gwen or Ghost-Spider, is definitely one of the best things that came out of the Spiderverse way back when and I definitely adore a DiD moment of her.

Gwen Stacy needed comic book cover art DiD moment for sure! Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon already had their canonical distress and I'm glad Gwen is getting hers here! Though if I was to judge, Jess still has the best one (and she has the most). Though I wonder if Gwen will end up on a chair too? Probably not. And she'll probably say no to Jackal's proposal!

Until Next Time!

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