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Hot Toys: Rescue/Endgame (News)

I'm pretty sure that another #HotToy is not in my budget for this year but I can't help but admire Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor. Obviously this is from #Endgame which is rather awesome. I loved her brief appearance in that amazing movie and to see a very detailed action figure of her is something else.

Now this is the first mark of the Rescue armor and as much as I love her, I do hope that we don't see a ton of her in the future #MCU--doubtful, but you know how, still possible. With that said, I do love this design. Simple and contrasts Tony's red and gold armor. Looks amazing in Hot Toy form, that much is obvious, and she comes with a ton of accessories.

And right besides Mark 85, she looks amazing! Very tempted to get her that's for sure! We'll see though.

Until Next Time!

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