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Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I'm new to this realm, but I'm definitely not new to blogging. I decided to move to a new domain because I wanted to get a different vibe. My old blog was kind of dead and I was losing interest real fast. Hoping to climb up to new levels with this place with the content I am going to be putting out.

So what am I going to be posting? Well, if the design of my page didn't give it out, I'm a giant nerd! I love comic books as far back as I remember, anime is a plus for me, video games of all genre, Disney fan, so on and so on. I am a collector. I commission artwork (SFW and NSFW), and I get excited at the latest news about the new games, new MCU movies, and you know, the typical.

So, here's to the new!

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