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Rock Candy: Elsa (Wreck-it-Ralph 2)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I swear Elsa merchandise are on a dry season. We get a few here and there but I'm going to take a wild guess this all has to do with the wind up for Frozen 2. But I did manage to find a Rock Candy Elsa based on her appearance in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Without delay, let's jump right in to the review and see if the Snow Queen is worth it or not.

I do find myself purchasing a Rock Candy here and there. They typically do female characters and they are mostly known for their works on Marvel and DC. But they do get into other franchises and they are licensed by #Disney so the Snow Queen and other Princesses have made an appearance.

Found her at my local Target. She's labeled as "Princess Elsa" when you try and get her online which is kind of funny since, you know, any Disney fan knows that Elsa is a Queen. And speaking of Princess, they also have Anna as an exclusive wearing her jammies that she wore for Wreck-it-Ralph 2 and she's eating a sandwich. I was tempted, but I have nothing Anna in my collection so she was an easy pass.

When it comes to Rock Candy, there isn't anything spectacular with details or anything like that but what they do give you is a cute, petite, and stylized version of a character. Their poses are pretty simple and usually reflects the character's mannerism and/or personality. Just like their #POP products, Funko chooses a safe posture for Elsa: a neutral stance with her left hand showing off her snow powers. She also has that cocked eyebrow that Elsa is so famous for and it looks pretty good. Her right hand is doing something feminine and regal looking that I can't really describe, but it's good since it's not just on her side doing nothing. Funko tried to make her face as similar to her Wreck-it-Ralph 2 appearance as much as possible. Which, all in all, isn't too different from her standard look. She has a bigger head and sharper features in her appearance in Ralph and Vanellope's world, but she still looks like Elsa to me. Funko did a good job replicating that!

Now I'm not trying to be nitpick-y since it isn't a high end figurine but there is a lot of details to be desired with Elsa's hair. But giving more details would mean a higher price tag so I can live with this.

The paint job is questionable in certain areas. Let me start out with the hair since that's the area that stood out for me since I found her on the shelf of Target. The blonde is just a bit too yellow and for anyone who knows about Frozen, Elsa's hair is not as yellow, it's a little closer to silver, aka platinum blonde. Even in Wreck-it-Ralph 2 is accurate to her original Frozen appearance. Inaccuracy can receive some forgiveness but quality issue is a different story. I searched every one in Target that day and all of them had scuffs on her hair and on mine, there are some black marks on her sweater. Not a big deal since most of it is in the back but it's something to note. Other than that, it's not too bad. I like it enough.

It's unfair to put her next to a #Figma Elsa, but hey, it's worth noting that I have limited Elsa figurine/action figure.

Now this Rock Candy Elsa stands a little more with the statues I have. Though putting her next to something like the Sega Elsa (a sleeper hit, might I add) is rather unfair also because this is a beautiful statue and nowadays, a higher end statue compared to the price tag when it was first released.

For some reason, I didn't put her next to a #POP, but hey, that's that. All in all, I can recommend this figurine to anyone who is a die hard Elsa fan and can't wait until we get the wave of winter goodies around Frozen 2's release... during.... and after. Trust me, we are going to get bombarded! But I wanted this and again, it's not a bad figurine and I knew what I was getting into. Though the paint defects are a bit of a bummer, but I looked past that knowing that it's a unique Elsa figurine.

Until Next Time!

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