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Marvel Legends: Magik (Walgreens Exclusive)

Updated: May 5, 2019

This lovely action figure is a Marvel Legend I caught back at the end of 2018, got the photoshoot going at the tail end of December and obviously, was not able to post my review until AFTER 2019 began. Despite all that, here we are now with the Marvel Legends of Magik. Let's get right into the review.

I initially thought that since Magik is a Walgreens Exclusive that she would be hard to find out in the wild. Surprisingly, she wasn't. I wasn't trying extremely hard but I eventually ran into her and there were at least three to four more in stock. I picked the best one and boom! Illyana is also readily available online at the aforementioned store so for anyone looking for this gem don't bother paying the exaggerated price tag from a third party seller. She's also not part of a BAF wave or anything like that so for those who are a collector like me, she doesn't come with a 'string attached'.... basically, she's a lone ranger and she doesn't come with a subconscious sign that says: "get the others from my class!"

I know a little bit about Colossus' sister; and when I mean little, I mean, very little info about her. She's a mutant that seems to have a 'soul sword' of some sort. She got tangled up with the dark arts, spent some time in one of Marvel's version of hell, became the ruler, came back to the X-Men, became one of the host for the Phoenix Five, and she went got hand hot pants like and she now has a buster sword and a katana. Magik's also pretty darn HOTT and I dare not say that too loud around her brother. I think that outfit is a reminder of Marvel's bravery for making their sexy characters BE SEXY since these days, it's all too... 'politically correct'. Yes, might be immature for me to keep pointing out sexualized comic book women but hey, I'm a freaking pervert in every sense of the word. Why wouldn't I? And with an art style like in the side of the box, how can I NOT feel a certain way about comic book women?

Cool pose. Though that dragon.... I don't think that's Lockheed. I know Illyana hangs around Kitty Pryde but that ain't the purple dragon we all know and love.

If only lacking a BAF piece means THIS much accessories for EVERY Marvel Legend. I mean, it doesn't even HAVE to be this much! Just something that would justify the retail price! But two words, a few special effects, a skeleton head and a dragon? Yeah, this is definitely a plus!

While this is not Magik's first time being released into the Marvel Legends realm, this is MY first time getting a hold of her and I'm glad I didn't get that exclusive since from the reviews I have seen, this one comes with a lot more for the character. Magik also gets some updated parts like her boots and some repaints that makes her look astonishing. And I'm really glad they went with this costume because this represents a bit more of her edgier and rebellious side. After the events of AvsX, a small group splintered off with the renegade Cyclops and with Magik being a former Phoenix host, she was also labeled dangerous (as if being a hell based character wasn't enough). I'm not entirely sure what the story was about but yes, this was Magik's costume. She showed off her gorgeous body, she wore all black to match her darker self, and that hair of hers... I've always liked that hair! Hasbro did an amazing job the first time and the second time around, with newly added boots, it really compliments the other parts of her that are fine tuned and sculpted. In this perspective, for an action figure that is a bit older compared to our current Marvel Legends, it still holds up. I can even say that Magik has more flare than some female action figures that was released in 2018! And believe me, there were some good female action figures last year as well as some mediocre. Magik is above most if not all from the ones I can think from the top of my head.

I like the left arm and how it has a more armored look to it. Not sure what the significance is. Maybe a remanence of her time in hell?

Looking at the .... rear side, one is able to see the nicely sculpted hair. They also put some effort in making the hair less vanilla by giving it some dynamic; some strands draped over her left shoulder, while another strand is wafting off on the other side. Color wise, I think Hasbro did a good job. Not a lot of paint details as expected, but the variations given are good enough. Wish they'd get rid of those numbers placed on the obvious side of the action figure!

And just to make the point, the face is lovely. Nicely painted. Though as I take a good look, there are some spots on the hair that isn't as clean, but that's okay. It's hardly noticeable until up close.

In terms of articulation, she's pretty nimble, at least to the standard of the female body mold of Hasbro these days. As I always say, it retains the curse and the blessings of the standard body that Hasbro uses on most of their female characters. I didn't have a hard time getting into some Magik-like pose so that's always a good thing. Illyana's hair has enough give to allow her head to turn left and right; of course there might be some maneuvering here and there but for the most part it is pliable. She holds her swords well and the fact that we are given so much accessories makes the posing proses that much better. Her special effects can be placed on her closed firsts or on her open alternate hand when she's not wielding both blades. Her smaller sword can have one, two, or NO special effects giving it that much more option for display. Her soul sword is also quite giving in terms of pose-ability. It looks heavy but because of the thin plastic that makes it up, Magik can easily hold it in any position that is allowed with her overall articulation. As always, the lack of figure stands on Hasbro's part does hinder the action figure, but given that I have a spare or two from my imports it's not that big of a deal. Again, adding some help from accessories gives Magik more fun factor. Needless to say, I had fun posing her around and taking photos.

To be or not to be...

There is a good reason why the Walgreens Exclusive of Magik made it to my Shout Outs on my 2018 Action Figure list. She looks nice, painted well enough, has standard articulation, and she comes with a ton of accessories that makes photos that much more satisfying. She's a reissue, yes, but she also comes with some new pieces and touched up paint. I have to say, had I finished her review, she might have been considered as the Legend for 2018. Regardless, Illyana Rasputin is a great action figure. Nice job on this, Hasbro! Anyone who happens to be in Walgreens, go find her and buy her! She's not overly priced, she's very affordable and a fun toy. I know I don't have any regrets buying her! Highly recommended!

Until Next Time!

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