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Kaitlin's Front Page: REVIEW (Take Me Back to My Virtual Reality)

Another review for Kaitlin's Front Page! Click on the pic above to get the full podcast! I enjoyed this one because the podcasters were having fun. There's a pair of them and they really bounce with each other's humor and it really adds to the review, for sure!

This review is a bit more in-depth. They actually break down 'important' parts of each scene and they do so with a lot of exuberance, to say the least. They do talk about "tying Kaitlin to a bomb" so that's always nice that they acknowledge the main reason this episode exists! They also spend a lot of time poking fun at some of the episode--and the show's shortcomings like dialogue, plot points, recycled stock footage, and nonsensical decisions made by the characters--Kaitlin made the right decision by going off to check on the weapons site by herself! We know that she made the right decision, for sure!

Some key points to take away from this review:

  • The bad map! How did Kaitlin find the weapon site with that map, right?

  • "Tie up Kaitlin with a bomb."

  • Offscreen she's defeated and captured. -Someone finally takes a full gripe!

  • "You better watch out you're messing with the press!" -What does that mean? The journalist union is going to complain to Grimlord for tying up this poor girl!

  • Rap-doggy-rap: "The sound of this dog's rap is overloading things in the lab! The professor forgot about Kaitlin because of the rapping."

  • High-definition scanner to find Kaitlin tied to a barrel.

  • All reptiles have boobs

  • They did not see the bomb as they were trying to untie her awkwardly with the American suits.

  • Kaitlin got the Front Page.

Again, I adore this review. They had a lot of fun watching and giving their input. While they spent the time to do their diligence reviewing, criticizing, and all that, they didn't hold back with some of their callouts with the episode/show's glaring problems. And just outside a DiD perspective, there's plenty to enjoy and laugh at when this episode is given commentaries that are both hilarious and insightful.

Until Next Time!

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