• Onyx

Marvel Legends BAF: Sp//dr

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Who the hell is Sp//dr? To be honest, for me, the Marvel Legends BAF Sp//dr is pretty unique in al to of ways and to understand this character, you have to get the rhythm of #Soiderverse. And while I don't want to spend a portion of my toy review on a character's history, I do want to point out this:

This is Peni Parker of Earth14512. This girl is basically a freaking Eva pilot in the world of Marvel. Now she didn't resonate with the fans like Spider-Gwen did, but godamn! She is a freaking school girl inside a Spider-Man based armor/suit! Sure, she didn't play a HUGE role in the Spiderverse storyline, but hey, she's a favorite of mine. To have an action figure of her armor as a #BAF, that's fantastic! Okay, on to the review!

Right off the get go, I love every detail placed on Sp//dr. This goes back to the idea that #Hasbro has stepped it up when it comes to their BAFs, and in their efforts with their Marvel Legends in general. Nowadays, plenty of the Cinematic Action Figures of Marvel characters are getting all the unique sculpt and extra fine tuning with their details but BAFs like Sp//dr makes me believe that the comic book versions are still getting some love. There are plenty of new molds to admire since the whole thing is brand spanking new! And the amazing thing is that it's pretty darn accurate to the character as she/it appears in the comic book. Again, I love the character design and and to see it in action figure form is definitely something I can adore, especially when it's well done. All the attention to the little details, the grooves in the armor, the anatomy, the stature, and just its overall design!

I love the way the face came out too. Again, just the over all presentation and execution. I definitely love it when Hasbro gets bold and make BAFs like this.